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Golden Nugget Bet Review: Welcome Bonus, Betting Markets And More

30 July 2018
par Jason Sanin

Sports betting is finally becoming legal around the United States, with New Jersey becoming one of the first states to legalize it. In this Golden Nugget Bet review, find out what you can expect from the much-hyped Golden Nugget sportsbook for bettors residing in New Jersey.

Welcome Bonus

The specifics of the bonuses and other intricate details from the announced Golden Nugget Bet website are not completely ironed out just yet. So while it is possible to get a general idea as to what bettors can expect, some things are a little less clear. The specifics of a welcome bonus at Golden Nugget Bet is a great example, as there haven’t been any formal announcements as to what bonuses will be out there.

Fortunately, working with an established brand like Golden Nugget means that players can expect a site that can afford to be a little more generous with their promotions. Unlike new sportsbooks that have to be more stingy with their welcome bonuses, players should at least in theory expect a decent bonus at Golden Nugget to cut through the rest of the crowd in the new New Jersey sports betting scene.

Betting Markets

Betting markets may end up being the low point in any Golden Nugget Bet review for the foreseeable future, due to a quirk that could cost bettors the ability to bet on the NBA. Since a Golden Nugget casino owner is also an owner of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, it is unclear as to whether or not bettors will be able to take part in NBA wagering right off the jump with Golden Nugget Bet. As that status is cleared up, this post will be updated to reflect any changes. Golden Nugget casino owner


Odds are always an important component to a player-friendly sportsbook, and Golden Nugget Bet should have odds that are at least on par with the other up and coming New Jersey sportsbooks. Whether or not leagues will mandate an integrity fee in New Jersey as has been rumored in other states remains to be see. But the odds that you should get at Golden Nugget Bet shouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary once the site launches.

Mobile App

Golden Nugget, being a huge name in the online betting industry, should do well when it comes to a sports betting mobile app. As they have developed apps for their other betting properties elsewhere, using those existing technologies to inform decisions on this app shouldn’t be an issue.

Live Betting/Streaming

It has been rumored that live betting will be something that can take place at Golden Nugget Bet. This earns them big points in our Golden Nugget Bet review, although the situation around live streaming could be a little murkier. With television rights holders sure to not just let sportsbooks stream their content, it will be interesting to see if sites pay to stream content or if they leave users to their own devices.

Payment Options

While no payment options have been made official for the Golden Nugget sportsbook, looking at their casino site in New Jersey could be a good way to determine what might be out there. The casino takes credit cards, among other prepaid cards and popular forms of payment to make things easy on a number of different types of player.

Customer Service

Golden Nugget already has customer service logistics in place with live chat, phone, and email support available. How they would expand those things to accommodate a sportsbook remains to be seen, but the potential is there.

Overall Rating

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Golden Nugget Bet, and this Golden Nugget Bet review concludes that there would be a lot to look forward to if this site came to fruition. That is thanks in large part to existing customer service and payment structures, as well as the potential for some strong bonuses.

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